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Quick Touch 1 Minute Hair Color 10 Natural Black Instant Hair Colour Hair Dye

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● ✅【EXCELLENT】: Our Quick Touch hair dye only requires ONE MINUTE to achieve your desired hair color tone result! This is because our formulation contains patented colorant enhancer whereby the hair dye takes effect instantaneously - not just quick, but also giving you even and wide coverage. You also have the flexibility to have slightly lighter or darker results based on your waiting time.

● ✅【INNOVATIVE】: Our Quick Touch hair color dye contains collagen that helps ease manageability and sheen, as well as increases tensile strength, reduces split ends and has moisturizing effect. Along with other carefully selected ingredients such as aloe vera, ceramide and hair keratin, ONE MINUTE is all you need for gorgeous gray hair coverage. You can also enjoy coloring your hair with soothing floral scent instead of strong chemical odor.

● ✅【PROTECTS】: Our ammonia-free Quick Touch hair color box is formulated with the mission to avoid hair damage during the coloring process but at the same time, nourishes both hair and scalp. Constructed with Collagen, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil extracts - they moisturize, smoothen, add strength and shine, serving as hair and scalp protective agents.

● ✅【LONG LASTING】: Our Quick Touch formula assures fade-defying hair color that promotes dimension and delivers vibrancy, silk and shine. Comes with patented formulation, it provides high quality, rich and lasting color at an affordable price. Comes in 9 shades to choose from, you can find the perfect shade for you every time. You can opt for beautiful highlights, root cover up or even gray hair coverage and get healthy-looking hair in just ONE MINUTE!

● ✅【SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】: Each pack of hair coloring solution we sell is inspected carefully and packaged well to ensure that it is safe and of the highest quality. If for any reason you feel that it does not meet your expectations, do reach out to us and we will get things right for you.

Box dye is commonly used to color your hair at home DIY due to its EASY, AFFORDABLE AND EXTREMELY CONVENIENT benefits!

While getting VIP treatment at the hair salon can be very pampering, it does come at a hefty price and takes up a long time.

Our Quick Touch hair color process only requires ONE MINUTE for vivid, rich, long lasting color! Effective AND Efficient, you can DO MORE to conquer your day!


Whether it is part of your creative expression or simply to cover gray strands, changing hair color completely refreshes your outlook, boosts your confidence and improving your self-image.

On top of high quality results, Quick Touch’s cream tube is 25% MORE

Our innovative ingredients are patented for its hair and scalp protective agents.

● Strengthens Hair
● Reduces Split Ends
● Nourishes Hair
● Manages Frizzy Hair

Castor Oil
● Eliminates Dandruff
● Protects Scalp

Aloe Vera
● Soothes irritated skin with cooling effect
● Moisturizes and relaxes skin

Olive Oil
● Reduces itchiness
● Nourishes & Conditions

Unpacking Your Box Dye
● 1x Hair Color Cream Tube (50g)
● 1x Hair Color Cream Developer Tube (50g)
● 2x Gloves
● 1x Applicator Comb Brush

How to Use:
1. Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tubes onto the brush.
2. Start to comb mixture on dry hair from the grayest area until full coverage.
3. Waiting time:
a. For lighter shades: Less than 1 minute
b. For optimum color shade: 1 minute
c. For darker shades: 3-4 minutes. The color will maintain and not get any darker after that.
4. Rinse thoroughly with water, shampoo and condition well.

Revitalize your style, show off and stand out - try a new hair color now!